Cornerstone ACT:S Group


ACT:S student organization

ACT:S: A student organization at CU that seeks to bring awareness and opportunities for specific response to global issues of poverty and justice in our world today. Issues that have been highlighted include: hunger, HIV/AIDS, slavery, trafficking, malaria, micro-finance, and clean water. We meet weekly at 8 pm on Wednesday nights in Spiritual Formation to learn and create new experiences for students in our community so that we can become a more compassionate community that helps to change the world!

We challenge, inspire, and equip each other to ignite contagious movements that connect faith and justice, impact the issues most urgent to the world's poor and ensure that all people have the right to live out their full potential.  We challenge ourselves each and every day to live an active faith, one that stretches us beyond where we are today and beyond what we think is possible.